Quang Tri has many ideal places for camping (Photo by Ngo Thi)

Quang Tri has many ideal places for camping

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On hot summer days, people often go to the beach to enjoy the cool air and to be immersed in the fresh water. If you have time to stay for camping on the beach, you will feel deeply the peaceful beauty of the sea and welcome a bright dawn in the early morning.
Chenh Venh waterfall (Photo by Luu Tuan Anh)

The beauty of the waterfalls in Quang Tri Western

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If you come to Quang Tri, you should rent a motorbike and explore this land which is hidden in it many wonderful things. The western land of Quang Tri with many hills is really an attractive destination to discover the beautiful waterfalls.
The Con Co island flag

Con Co Island – An interesting tourism destination

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If you are a traveler who are passionate about traveling, discovering, Con Co island district of Quang Tri province is an interesting option for you.
Memorial House at Road No.9 National Martyrs’ Cemetery (Photo by: NTMP)

The places not to be missed in visiting to Quang Tri (in the Westward)

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From Dong Ha city, going along Road No.9 to the Western area of Quang Tri province (Cam Lo - Dakrong - Huong Hoa), visitors can not only enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Truong Son legendary trail, but also visit historical sites associated with the heroic past of the nation.
Cua Viet Beach ( photo by Nguyen Hai Quang)

Quang Tri – a land of war heroes

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Long famous as the sight of a fierce battle during the Vietnam war and as a DMZ, Quang Tri is now emerging as an ideal ecotourism and beach destination.
Hien Luong bridge – Ben Hai river

The journey to Quang Tri

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Quang Tri is located in the centre of Vietnam, where has National Highway 1A intersects with Highway 9, which is the leading bridge of the East-West Economic Corridor through Lao Bao International Border Gate, linking Vietnam, Laos and other countries in the region. Coming to Quang Tri today is coming to the historical memories of the Great War that the Vietnamese people have experienced in the twentieth century; feeling the beauty of the sea, forest, island of the Central coast. A new and attractive journey to Quang Tri legendary land is waiting for visitors to explore.
Digging Well in An Nha Hamlet (Photographed by: Ngo Thi)

The acttractive destinations in Quang Tri (on the North and the East)

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Quang Tri has the historic attractions, eco-tourisms, island discovery tours, spiritual tourism with many famous landmarks. The following places in the Northward and Eastward should not be missed to visit in Quang Tri.
To Dinh Sac Tu Pagoda (from: internet)

The attractive destinations in Quang Tri (on the South)

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The South of Quang Tri is famous for some tourism places as: Sac Tu Pagoda, Mai Quoc Ca Statue, Quang Tri Ancient Citadel, The Commemoration House to commemorate the General Secretary Le Duan, La Vang Pilgrimage Center, Tra Loc Ecotourism and My Thuy Beach.
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